About Card Cow

We help you to travel better and cheaper through your daily credit card spending.

Nope, you don’t have to spend more. Just spend well on each card, and your trips will start rolling!

Card Cow is an independent website which aims to help Singapore residents to choose and manage their credit cards.

There are so many credit cards in Singapore today and it is challenging to find the best ones for your needs. At Card Cow, we do the research for you.

Our current models have aggregated the information of all the best miles-generating cards in Singapore. Simply feed COWculator the information and it will recommend the best credit cards in a click.

Getting the cards is easy. Managing them is not. We understand that it can get tedious managing multiple credit cards and rewards points. Can’t decide which card is best of shopping? Need a reminder on the payment deadline?

Card Cow Miles helps you to manage them. It can rank your cards by the number of rewards points earned for each transaction and act as an expense and rewards points tracker. These great features enable you to get the best rewards out there all the time.

We also frequently update our blog The Cow Says, providing you with the latest knowledge, tips, strategies and reviews about credit cards and frequent flyer miles.

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