You can go around the world for 800 USD Pt V – Sample Itineraries

Pt I – Introduction
Pt II – Southeast Asia to Europe
Pt III – Europe to North America
Pt IV – North America to Southeast Asia
Pt V – Sample Itineraries

The previous parts covered the various budget options between continents and in this part, I would piece together two realistic round-the-world itineraries and share some of the tips in planning one.

The 800 USD RTW itinerary

This is a simple itinerary and the traveler will cover three countries (Thailand, Sweden and United States) over 10 days.

Maps generated by the Great Circle Map & copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

The cost? 767 USD!

The 6 Continents RTW itinerary

A more complex itinerary which will take the travelers through 10 countries (Australia, United States, Mexico, Colombia, France, Morocco, Turkey, UAE, Sri Lanka & Malaysia) on six different continents in sightly over a month.

Maps generated by the Great Circle Map & copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

All these travel for only 1,650 USD (~2,350 SGD)!


1. Which direction?

I prefer flying westward as you gain time due to the timezone changes (except when you’re crossing the international dateline when you lose a day). For instance, when you fly from Singapore to Athens, there is a time difference of six hours. Despite the flight time of 11 hours, you will still arrive early in Europe and have the full day ahead. However, flying westward usually takes slightly longer due to the unfavorable headwind.

2. Try Google Flights

One of the first places to start looking for flights (or even simply just for ideas on where to go) is Google Flights. It is pretty easy and intuitive to use although the prices may not be 100% accurate all the time.

3. Use miles to travel round-the-world

Not everyone is keen on traveling on budget airlines, especially on a round the world trip. The alternative will be using miles to redeem flights.

For a round-the-world itinerary with up to seven stops, KrisFlyer, Singapore Airlines’ frequent flyer programme, charges 180,000 miles for travel in economy class, 240,000 miles for business class and 360,000 miles for first class.

On the other hand, Asia Miles, Cathay Pacific’s mileage programme, charges based on the distance flown and one can get up to 5 stops on an award.

From Asia Miles

A typical round-the-world itinerary can be done within 25,000 miles and one needs 110,000 miles in economy class, 160,000 miles in business class and 235,000 in first class.

Is planning too much hassle for you? Fret not. You can always consult the cow.

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