You can go around the world for 800 USD Pt I – Introduction

Pt I – Introduction
Pt II – Southeast Asia to Europe
Pt III – Europe to North America
Pt IV – North America to Southeast Asia
Pt V – Sample itineraries

In Feb 2017, AirAsia X announced that it will be flying to Honolulu from Kuala Lumpur (via Osaka Kansai) from 28 June 2017 onwards. For the first time ever, a low-cost carrier is flying over North Pacific, linking East Asia (and Southeast Asia) with North America.

Image from AirAsia X

With promotional fare from Hawaii to Kuala Lumpur as low as 199 USD, it set me thinking: how much do I need to spend on airfares to travel around the world?

To my surprise, it’s actually possible to do it for 800 USD (~1,180 SGD)!

In the rest of the series, I will share how to travel between the different continents on a budget and hopefully you will be inspired to plan your own round the world trip!

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