[Tip] My 2 free business return tickets to USA part 4


In my last post, I mentioned about an ongoing DBS Altitude Visa promotion. There is a bonus of 12k miles on a spend of $800 in the calendar month, as well as double miles rewards for the months from May to July.

2 free business class return tickets to USA
90k more KF miles. It seems a lot but takes faster than most think.

I’m inching closer to my dream destination! The mileage earned over the past month are mainly from the DBS Altitude Visa promotion, as well as a ESSO-Krisflyer promotion.

To round off, these are credit cards I have been using to accumulate my Krisflyer miles:

1. ANZ Travel Visa

ANZ Travel Visa - Tha card to use in Australia and New Zealand
ANZ Travel Visa

At an earning rate of at least 1.4 miles/$ spend, this is the generic card that every user should have. There are almost no exclusion to the category of spending. Most ambiguous spending recorded on other card (such as government bills etc.) will have been excluded, but not for this card. UOB PRVI Miles Visa/Master provides a similar rate on local spend and a generic 2.4 miles/$ spend on foreign currency, possibly providing more versatility. On the flip side, those miles expire in two years, compared to 5 years for ANZ Travel$.

Of course, no pros come without cons. The catch is that the card holder has to be proactive in keeping track of miles and bonus miles. Personal experience have taught me that I have to make an effort in ensuring my miles are credited into my account after payment of annual fees.

2. Citibank rewards

Citi Rewards
Citi Rewards

Citibank rewards give up to 4 miles/$ spend on online shopping. For many small purchases, many people tend to turn to online stores such as Qoo10, Zalora and Lazada. This card gives the best available airmile rewards on online shopping but excludes online booking of flights and accommodation.

A more versatile card would be the the DBS World Woman’s card, with the drawback of a $2,000 spending limit on bonus points. We previously covered the DBS World Woman card in EZ Link top up and all online purchases.

3. AMEX Krisflyer Ascend

Amex Krisflyer Ascend
Amex Krisflyer Ascend

This is a “use-it-then-stash-it” card. It is purely used for getting a very attractive bonus. Of course, the card holder must meet the criteria for obtaining the bonus. Spending S$10k within three months of getting the card, I earned almost 50k miles. One of the best bonus earn rate out there, and a great advantage of this card is the direct transfer of Krisflyer miles into my Krisflyer account. This saves me the usual transaction cost of between $20 to $40 for other credit card transfers

4. DBS Altitude Visa

DBS Altitude Visa
DBS Altitude Visa

This is one of the best cards to use during its promotion run.

From 10 May to 31 July, earning rates are doubled of its norm. So what are the norms?

DBS Altitude Visa promotional earn rates
DBS Altitude Visa promotional earn rates. Image from DBS website.

To make quick comparisons against other specialized cards:

  • Online flight/hotel transactions: DBS World Woman card – 4 miles/$ spend. DBS altitude is giving 6 miles/$ spend now
  • Overseas spend: UOB PRVI Mastercard/Visa – 2.4 miles/$ spend (There are other cards that typically give higher earn rates up to 4 miles/$ spend, but are dependent on strict criteria like minimum foreign currency spend). DBS altitude is giving 4 miles/$ spend now
  • Local spend: ANZ Travel Visa – 1.4 miles/$ spend. DBS altitude is giving 4 miles/$ spend now

During its promo period, this is almost definitely the card of choice. Possibly the only exceptions are online shopping (non flight and accommodation related) which is still best on DBS World Woman (4 miles/$ spend), as well as department store shopping which goes to Citibank Rewards (4 miles/$ spend).

There are a couple more cards to go after this. I try not to get more than one new card each month to help myself manage expenses better. I’m considering either the American Express rewards card or getting my partner to start applying for a new AMEX Krisflyer Ascend card.

In my post about wedding expenses, I touched on the teamwork to achieve free flights. I certainly hope my friends who are getting hitched get their honeymoons in style and for free!


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