[Tip] Best Credit Cards for Coffee Lovers

We all love a good cup of coffee to start our mornings. You know what they say about successful people and coffee. The essential coffee

And if you’re going to have your morning cuppa anyway, might as well get the best deal on them. To cut to the chase, the best card to use depends on what you’re looking for.

For mile collectors, we recommend the UOB Preferred Platinum American Express Card which gives 4 miles per dollar at restaurants, bars and cafes (with some exceptions like restaurants at hotels).

As for rebates, it depends on which brand of coffee you prefer.

Citibank SMRT is the card of choice for Starbucks lovers with up to 15% rebates, and other Citibank cards are close at 10%.

Coffee Bean fans can consider UOB cards, which give 10% discounts for that chain.


1. Starbucks

Starting off with what’s arguably the most recognisable coffee brand, Starbucks often ties up with various banks to offer promotions. These occasional promotions aside, there is a clear credit card winner.

Citibank cards
Citibank cards

While all Citibank cards get a 10% rebate on Starbucks purchases, the Citibank SMRT card gives an outstanding 15% rebate.

(You’ll need to make top ups in blocks of S$50 and charge at least S$600 to the card in that month. Total rebate for top ups under S$50 will be 13%.)

Used in conjunction with the Starbucks rewards card, this reward can be doubly effective. How? Just top up your Starbucks reward card with a Citibank card.

Starbucks rewards Card
Starbucks rewards Card

Assuming every cup of coffee you buy is S$5, you get 5 stars on each purchase. By the time you reach the highest reward tier of Starbucks rewards (300 stars), you’d have had 2 free cups of coffee

tarbucks rewards on reaching 300 stars
Starbucks rewards on reaching 300 stars

Subsequently, every 13th cup is free with the Starbucks rewards card, that’s equivalent to 1 FREE cup with every 6 cups if you pair it with a Citibank credit card.

Starbucks rewards by every 13th cup
Starbucks rewards by every 13th cup

All Citibank cards are eligible for the rebate on Starbucks purchase. But the card that you get should also be versatile enough to meet your needs (you should consider that the 5% SMRT$ awarded on the SMRT card can only be redeemed in the form of vouchers from Citibank).

Citibank cards for Starbucks
Citibank cards for Starbucks

2. Coffee Bean

Coffee Bean is an American coffeehouse chain, with a strong presence in Asia.

UOB cards give a 10% rebate in the form of SMART$ which can be used in conjunction with the Coffee Bean card as well.

(Note that UOB AMEX cards DO NOT give SMART$)

Best UOB credit cards for Coffee Bean
UOB cards

Here are some suggestions on which card to use:

UOB cards for Coffee Bean
UOB cards for Coffee Bean

3. Spinelli Coffee

Spinelli coffee unfortunately has no long term tie-ups. The current promotion with American Express Platinum or Platinum Reserve Credit Card gives a 1 for 1 coffee at Spinelli until 30 Nov 2015.

Good thing there is a Spinelli friends’ card that gives 10% discounts.

If you are thinking about getting the American Express Platinum or Platinum Reserve Credit Card, there are other rewards too.

AMEX cards
AMEX cards AMEX cards
AMEX cards for Spinelli
AMEX cards for Spinelli

Feel free to add in the comments section below if you’d like to find out more about specific chains.

Now go enjoy your cuppa coffee and cash in on the rewards!


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