The best credit card + petrol brand discount? – a personal experience

In a previous post, I mentioned about the special situation where rebates/cashback outperforms the reward airmiles in the case of petrol spend.

Building on from that, I’ve recently switched from the POSB Everyday + SPC combination to the UOB One + SPC combination. A screen grab off the SPC website shows that POSB Everyday is marginally better off with 20.1% discount compared to 20% for UOB cards. This is definitely not the case practically speaking.


UOB gives up to 30.9% discount with conditions

1.Use in conjunction with a voucher

Vouchers come in a few way. They could be enclosed with your monthly credit card statements or you can buy it off Carousell. Of course the latter will reduce your effective discount rate, but let’s put that aside first.

The point here is that UOB is more generous in offering vouchers for SPC compared to other credit cards/petrol brands. DBS + ESSO is another one that happens every now and then. POSB vouchers seem few and far between.

2. Get a UOB One card and keep to a tier of reward

The great thing about using a UOB One card at petrol kiosk is its Paywave feature. There is an ongoing promotion now, whereby every contactless sale of $51 upwards get a $3 discount.

Another point to take note of is that the UOB One card has three tiers of rewards. If you stay at $500 a month, you get a quarterly rebate of 3.33%. The same is true for $1,000 as well. At $2,000 (which is a little high), you get 5%. For argument sake, I’ll keep it at 3.33%, although it may come to lesser than that as the rebates are fixed sum in tiers, and not based on a fixed percentage.

This is how my last spend at SPC looks like:

This is actually very consistent with the rates published on UOB One’s website, with the differences of UOB presenting their case with a 5% tier, and the absence of vouchers which can be used in conjunction with all other discount.

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