Six steps to maximising reward airmiles on wedding banquet expenses (and other major expenses)

Wedding banquet expenses in Singapore are among the highest in the region. Many have come out to talk about setting priorities, managing expectations or even innovative venues. Don’t disagree, but we like to have more juice for the squeeze. We like to get the honeymoon flights free.

Charge your expenses on the right credit cards.

These 6 steps will ensure you take your credit card rewards to the best flights in Europe.

1. Ask if AMEX is accepted

Always ask if AMEX is accepted, and if accepted are there any extra charge. This is very related to my next point.

2. Find the credit cards with generous bonus miles

Amex Rewards

Typically, these cards require you to charge relatively large amounts over a few months to be eligible for the bonus miles. Think AMEX rewards. Now you see how this gels with point 2. AMEX cards are generous with their bonus miles generally.

3. Apply for your cards early


Linked with the previous point, it is therefore important to get the cards early in the game. Two reasons here: i) You’ll likely need to spread out the costs over several months ii) The card you are looking at may be ‘de-marketed’ without any warning.

4. Double your bonus miles (On one condition)


Yes, this effectively doubles your miles. This though, is on one condition: Your spouse has/will have enough miles in her frequent flyer account to redeem for at least one ticket to destination of your choices. It certainly doesn’t make sense if one account is saddled with miles that are “too little to go anywhere, too much to keep”.

5. Understand the difference of hosting at restaurants in hotel and restaurants


The technical jargon is that the merchant category code or MCC are all different. In layman terms, dining is simply not the same in terms of credit card rewards. Great cards for restaurants such as UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX and HSBC Advance Visa do not work optimally with hotels. Citibank Clear Platinum is a good alternative for restaurants in hotel.

6. Charge on ‘bonus miles’ card first and filter down to the generic cards


This is really prioritising your spend. Max out your bonus miles, move on to the dining cards (watch the T&Cs! See previous point), and once you reach the rewards cap (if any), go on to the generic spend cards. What are the generic spend cards? They are those that give general base rate for local spend. Such cards are likeUOB PRVI Miles or ANZ Travel Visa Signature, both giving 1.4 miles/S$ each.

Where can the miles bring you to?

Personally, it has brought me to Iceland where I caught the northern lights. It also depends on how much you spend.

There is a previous infographic, but do stay tune for the next article on which are the best cards to use!

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