Our take on yet another 8,000 bonus mile promo

In an earlier post, we talked about the DBS Altitude Visa promotion which is giving 8,000 or 5,000 bonus miles, depending on whether you are a new or existing POSB/DBS credit cardmember.

In this case, AMEX Singapore Airlines Krisflyer card is offering 8,000 if you’re a new AMEX cardholder or 3,000 miles if you’re an existing. It almost sound like the same situation, that only new cardholders should apply.

You should still go for the AMEX Singapore Airlines Krisflyer card

Singapore Airlines Krisflyer AMEX

There are stark differences between this card and the DBS Altitude Visa Promotion:

1. AMEX bonus miles is on S$700 spend spread over a 6-month period. DBS Altitude Visa qualifying spend is S$1k for each of two months after card approval. It’s way easier to achieve the former.

2. AMEX bonus is 8k miles or 3k miles over a S$700 spend, DBS bonus is 8k miles or 5k miles over S$2k spend. It’s obvious that AMEX is way more generous.

3. It is more likely that you do not hold an AMEX card. It’s no secret that AMEX is trying hard to attract new cardholders after losing ground to Visa and Mastercard in recent times. Why not take advantage of that?

4. AMEX has outstanding customer service. It’s a personal experience, and I’m sure many will say the same.

5. Krisflyer miles from this AMEX card is directly transferred into your Krisflyer account, meaning no transaction fee. DBS rewards will attract a fee of S$42.50.

I’m not missing out a more technical analysis.

Singapore Airlines Krisflyer

Be aware of the qualifying spend. It’s a long list but just be sure you are not using it to top up your EZ Link card and it should be fine.

Consider getting it here if you like our article.

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