[Knowledge] How I use my Credit Cards

Some of you may be curious about what cards I use to maximise my rewards.

Below is the rundown how I use my credit cards.

Citibank Rewards MasterCard

Good for: Shopping, online shopping

I use this card primarily for shopping. It gives 4 miles/S$1 for shopping for clothes, shoes and bags as well as at department stores. It also gives 4 miles/S$1 for shopping online. I also use it for the online payment of my Singtel bills because it gives 4 miles/S$1 on it as well.

Citibank PremierMiles Visa

Good for: Insurance premiums, foreign transactions

This card is primarily used for transactions in foreign currencies. It gives 2 miles/S$1 on them and 1.2 miles/S$1 on transactions in SGD. The only local transactions that I use them for are the insurance premiums.

ANZ Travel Visa Signature

Good for: Miscellaneous spending

This is my all-round card; whatever transaction which doesn’t earn any bonus points, I will put on this card. It earns 1.4 miles/S$1 on everything except for purchases on Qantas/Jetstar or transactions in AUD/NZD (2.8 miles/S$1 spent).

UOB Preferred Platinum American Express

Good for: Dining

This card is used for dining only because it gives 4 miles/S$1 spent at restaurants. However, not all places accept Amex. I would use ANZ Travel Visa Signature at these places instead.

UOB Preferred Platinum Visa

Good for: Merchants with Paywave, online shopping

I use this card most often at NTUC FairPrice. It gives 4 miles/S$1 spent at merchants which accept Paywave. However, do be aware that some of these merchants give rebates in the form of UOB Smart$ and not UNI$ (which can be converted into miles).

It is also good for online shopping with the same 4 miles/$1 rate but like Citibank Rewards card it has a list of exclusion. There is a cap on the number of points that one is able to earn in a year. 24,000 UNI$ (or 48,000 miles) is the maximum and additional transactions will not earn points at the bonus rate.

Maybank Horizon Platinum Visa

Good for: Air tickets, foreign transactions

This card gives 2 miles/S$1 spent on air tickets and tour packages as well as on foreign transactions. To be honest, I hardly use this card these days because Maybank’s tr’eats points expire every year. I would put most of my foreign transactions on Citibank PremierMiles Visa. Nevertheless it is still a good card to purchase air tickets (regardless of airlines) and tour packages from travel agencies.

These are the cards that I am using at the moment. I am also considering about getting HSBC Revolution Visa to be my alternative card for dining and online purchases (2 miles/S$1).

What are the cards in your wallet? Are you planning to get new ones too?

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