My free business class flights to Europe


It has been a while since my last post on redeeming my free flights. How has it been going?

Firstly, I’ve changed my plans to go Scandinavia instead of the USA. It seems that we are reaching the end of an 11-year solar cycle and it’s a good time to try to catch the Northern Lights before they get rarer after 2016.

To recap, I’ve capitalised on the high wedding banquet expenses to clock up my Krisflyer miles. If you recall, we talked about the cards you should use for wedding expenses.

First card: AMEX Krisflyer Ascend (52,172 KF miles).

I took the option to pay for my annual fee and spent S$10k in the first three months.

Second card: AMEX rewards (13,250 miles)

AMEX rewards accrual

I spread out three payments of $500 each from my card approval date. Total spent on the card is $1500.

Third card: Exxon Mobil promotion (1,000 miles)

I took advantage of a promotion held by Exxon Mobil and Singapore Airlines to grab 1,000 miles free . Card Cow covered it here. It was too good to pass up. Do not underestimate freebies.

Exxon mobil promotion

Fourth/Fifth card: DBS Altitude Visa (16,000 miles) and DBS World Women Mastercard (4,000 miles)

Don’t you just love promotions? Mid last year, DBS Altitude VISA was running a promotion that offered 12,000 miles for spending $800 within the first calendar month of approval. On top of that, DBS doubled all rewards during the promotion period. (local spend earn rate of 1.2 miles/$ was doubled to 2.4 miles/$)

Combining this with some personal spend on the DBS World Women’s Mastercard spend (about $1,000) to get 4,000 miles, I made a redemption of 20,000 miles.

DBS redemption

Sixth card: Citibank Clear Platinum (19,239 miles)

This card was definitely not in the plan. I had the intention of using the UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX. Sadly, it was discontinued. Hence the second choice was Citibank Clear Platinum with an earn rate on dining of 2 miles/$ spend (as opposed to UOB PP AMEX of 4 miles/$ spend). Get your card here, support us in keeping quality updates flowing.

Citibank clear platinum

So where has this gotten me? Gathered 105,661 miles from about $24,500 of spend. I could have easily redeemed a return flight to Copenhagen (102,000 miles required).

It’s not hard to decipher that my wife can accumulate easily the same number of Krisflyer miles with the same amount and credit cards.

In my case however, I had a lot of miles from my ANZ cards that has been waiting to be unleashed.

Seventh card: ANZ Travel Visa (86,000 miles)

ANZ Travel Visa’s earn rate is pretty decent at 1.4 miles/$, and given that they are not overly strict on spending criteria, it should be the first card to whip out in case of doubt or too tired to think. Get your card here, support us in keeping quality updates flowing.


Problem arose when we couldn’t get the flight to Copenhagen, hence there was again some change in plans. We shall cover some tips on frequent flyer redemptions later. In short, plan early and act fast.

With a total of 191,661 miles, I redeemed two tickets from Singapore to Frankfurt and a ticket from Copenhagen to Singapore, all on business-class . That cost a total of 187,000 miles, leaving me with another 4,000 odd miles remaining. Of course, my wife took care of the remaining tickets with her miles.



So guys and girls, use the right cards and max out your Krisflyer miles. If you have any doubts, just drop us a comment below. We’ll be more than happy to help you achieve your travel ambitions.

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