[Knowledge] Should You redeem KrisFlyer miles for Scoot/Tigerair vouchers?

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Starting from 8 April 2015, Singapore Airlines allows KrisFlyer members to redeem their miles for vouchers which can be used on Scoot and Tigerair flights.

The electronic vouchers can be used to offset airfares, ancillary charges and booking fees for air tickets booked on Scoot and Tigerair’s official websites.

Is it worthwhile to convert your KrisFlyer miles for these vouchers? Card Cow does the calculation for you.


KrisFlyer miles requiredVoucher value (SGD)Value/Krisflyer mile (SGD)
3,200$300.94 cents
5,300$500.94 cents
10,500$1000.95 cents

Each mile is worth around 0.95 SGD cents when they are converted to Scoot/Tigerair vouchers.

In our earlier post What is the value of KrisFlyer mile?, we calculated that one KrisFlyer mile can be worth as much as 8 SGD cents when they are used to redeem long-haul First/Suites awards.

Hence converting the miles to Scoot/Tigerair vouchers is NOT the best use of the miles. However, this conversion option can be useful if your miles are expiring and you do not have enough of them to make a redemption.

The vouchers are valid for 180 days after issue; my suggestion will be that one should only make the conversion if he or she has immediate plans to book tickets on either Scoot or Tigerair.

Would you convert KrisFlyer miles to Scoot/Tigerair vouchers? Share your thoughts with us!

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