[Knowledge] Earning miles with your insurance premiums – possible?


Last week, one reader, Michelle, posed us this question:-

Is there any credit card that is able to pay for insurance premium and earn
KF miles? I have insurance premium that going to due in September and I do
not want to waste any miles anymore on AXS payment. :p Please do let me
know if there is any. Thank you.

Sadly there are currently little opportunities to earn miles through insurance premiums (as of July 2015).

In a not too distant past (up to mid-2014), one could actually earn miles from paying premiums of several insurers using Citibank credit cards at AXS machine. However, Citibank no longer gives miles/reward points for AXS payments.

The issue is two-fold; firstly, credit card fees add to the cost and most insurance companies do not accept credit card payment for monthly or annual health and life insurance policies’ premiums.

The exception is Prudential which allow users to pay using Visa or MasterCards from the following banks:-

  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Maybank
  • Citibank
  • UOB
  • OCBC

Secondly, banks, such as UOB, explicitly exclude insurance payment from earning reward points/miles. They know that these are essential payments and thus make them ineligible for accrual of reward points and miles.

Should we all switch to Prudential then? Probably not.

One should choose their insurance plans based on the coverage and their personal needs. Miles are just nice bonuses on top of the protection.

Do you know how to earn miles from insurance premium payments? Share with us here!

2 thoughts on “[Knowledge] Earning miles with your insurance premiums – possible?

  1. Aviva accepts credit card for most premium payments too.

    And it seems that the miles are adding up on the Citi premier miles (as recommended) too.

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