How the FEVO card can still work for you

Fevo Mastercard

*Update: SCB’s Singpost card will be officially rebranded as the Spree card with major changes in T&Cs. If you still hold on to the SCB Singpost card, this is the last month to get your 7% rebate.

The FEVO card has been a miles hacking tool for a long time. By coupling it with the DBS Woman’s World Mastercard, FEVO card holders has been able to effectively earn 4 miles/S$ spend on any transaction, with a little top up fee.

Not anymore. Recently DBS has updated it’s terms and conditions, and has not only killed this, but also the auto-top up rewards on Net Flashpay cards. Is the FEVO card dead?

We contend that there is only one scenario that continues making the FEVO card relevant.


1.  If you value a mile under 4.5 cents, the key lies in cashback.

Currently, the SCB Singpost card can still give you a 7% cashback topping up the FEVO card. After the 1% charge of topping up, this means that any purchase can be hacked at a 6% discount. The breakeven point of a 6% discount is if you value a mile under 4.5 cents.

In other words, if you value a miles at below 4.5 cents, using the SCB Singpost card to top up your FEVO card makes perfect sense. Of course, you will be limited to a $857 worth of top up, beyond which you get nothing.


2. If you value a miles upwards of 5 cents, you will still be better off ditching the FEVO card, and using your UOB PRVI miles credit card directly on your purchase.

UOB PRVI MasterCard/Visa

Under most circumstances of a purchase without using the FEVO card, a 1.4 miles/$ spend can be expected. If you value a mile at 1.5 cents, this works out to be a 2.1% discount on your purchase. This is definitely subjective. You could value a mile at even up to 6 cents, depending on how you intend to utilise that mile. Using 6 cents as an example, it works out to be a whopping 8.4% discount. The DBS Woman’s World Mastercard was a hack to improve the rate of 1.4 miles/$, and unfortunately there are no credit cards that offer an earn rate between 4 miles and 1.4 miles per $ spend.

Will you continue using the FEVO card?

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