Heard of Singtel Dash? What’s the best credit card for top up?

Simply, Singtel Dash functions like a mobile wallet, with the additional feature of a virtual VISA account.  The user simply tops up the mobile wallet by credit/debit card or bank account. Transfers between Dash users works too, and the coolest thing is transferring the money out into a bank account is possible also.

Through the app, you will see there are Dash specific promotions. But to be totally blunt, they are not that attractive, often the promos come with lots of terms and conditions.

To cut the long story short, what’s the best credit card for top up?

Citibank Rewards

Citi Rewards

After experimenting the top up on several credit cards (UOB, SCB, DBS, Citibank), there is only one winner. The Citibank rewards card gives 4 miles/$ on the credit card top up.

The T&C is that credit card top up limit is capped at $200/month.

So why use the Dash app? I can only think of two good reasons.

1. Max rewards with little or no transaction fee

If there is a credit card that gives me max rewards (I’m thinking 4 miles/$) with no or minimal transaction fee in top up (remember FEVO charges a transaction fee), I’m going for it. The truth is, for any unused amount, the user can simply transfer it back to his account.

2. Eating at Comcentre canteen (Singtel staff)

The prices for food is a good 10% or so cheaper for Singtel staff paying through the Dash app as compared to public prices. So why not?

The best card? Citibank Rewards.

What I’ve not considered.

I have not taken into account topping up the Dash account through Singtel mobile bills. If there are credit cards that offer 4 miles/$ on paying telco bills, this would be the same (or even better). DBS World Woman Mastercard should still work with telco bills.

The Dash app will guarantee you 9,600 miles every year. How’s that for a start? Get your credit card here now.

4 thoughts on “Heard of Singtel Dash? What’s the best credit card for top up?

  1. Can citibank rewards earn 10x rewards for top up? May i ask which link and T&C state so, because i thought citibank rewards 10x is only for shoes, bags and clothes (retail and online). Thank you.

    1. I’ve personally tracked my rewards to know that it gives 10x rewards. I cannot tell you the exact link in the T&Cs (besides we will never know the MCC code for the transaction), but there is no harm in trying out for yourself.

      1. Have you tried to top up recently?
        i just saw “any top-ups or payment of funds to payment service providers, prepaid cards and
        any prepaid accounts; ” in Citibank rewards card. so just wanna confirm.

        1. Hi Tanny,

          Thanks for pointing it out. This article needs a refresh.
          Dash top ups with Citibank Reward card doesn’t get the 10x rewards anymore.

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