Get up to 8 miles per dollar on travel bookings from now till end July

Traveling anytime soon? Here’s how you can get a whopping 8 miles per dollar on your travel bookings with the Citi PremierMiles Visa credit card (that’s 8 times the regular rate of most cards).

First, if you didn’t already know, Citibank has a 6 miles per dollar offer for bookings on

Citibank’s welcome bonus

If you sign up now, you can get an additional 5k miles for spending any amount (note that the 15k miles in the first box below actually includes the 10k annual fee bonus) and an additional 15k miles for spending $10k within the first 3 months. This translates into an additional 2 miles per dollar if you hit the minimum of $10k.


Source: Citibank Singapore

Huh? How does it work out?

So basically, subject to hitting the $10k in the first 3 months, you’ll get 8 miles per dollar on bookings with Expedia, 3.2 miles per dollar for other local spending (1.2 base miles per dollar before the welcome offer) and 4 miles per dollar for overseas spending (2 base miles per dollar before the welcome offer).

 $10k bookings with Expedia$5k bookings with Expedia and $5k local spending$5k bookings with Expedia only
Expedia Promo
(6 miles per dollar)
60,000 miles30,000 miles30,000 miles
Local Spending
(1.2 miles per dollar)
-6,000 miles-
Welcome Offer 1
(5k miles for any spending)
5,000 miles5,000 miles5,000 miles
Welcome Offer 2
(15k miles with $10k spending in first 3 months)
15,000 miles15,000 miles-
Total80,000 miles
(8 mpd)
56,000 miles
(5.6 mpd)
35,000 miles
(7 mpd)


Should you get this card?

Yes! We’re talking about up to 80k miles here, which would be sufficient for a round-trip business-class ticket as far as South Africa, Dubai or Istanbul (76.5k miles with KF after 15% online-redemption discount), and of course destinations closer to home like Australia or Japan.

We think this would be most useful if you’re planning a friends/family trip, but even if that’s not the case, 6 miles per dollar with the extra 5k mile bonus is really good value (if you refer to the table above).

What’s more, you can get an additional 10k miles if you pay the annual fee ($192.60, one year from first statement).

As we covered previously, we think paying the annual fee on this card is a good deal if you’re planning on using these miles to fly business, especially considering that Citi Miles do not expire.

See our card info page here and if you like what you see, consider getting the card here.

What if I don’t qualify for the promotion?

Already a Citibank credit card customer? Well the 6 miles per dollar applies to you still, and it’s better than the 4 miles per dollar “best” rate that we see for most other cards so you should still seriously consider. If you already have the card, we’d encourage you to take advantage of this offer before it expires.



Citibank PremierMiles Visa welcome offer applys only to new customers and expires 14 Aug 16.

The welcome offer may not apply to you if you have applied for / terminated a card in the last 12 months, please take the time to read the T&Cs on the application page.

You need to enroll for the Expedia promotion by sms-ing “EXPEDIA” to 72848 (more details from the promo page), Expedia promotion ends 31 Jul 16.

We’re not sure about the mechanics but we think that you can possibly get additional cashback if you make your Expedia booking with ShopBack. Sounds abit too good to be true so we would be glad if anyone could confirm this.

There’s a 10 mile per dollar promotion with Kaligo, but we think that it’s a bit niche and not realistically applicable to most users. Check it out at their credit card page here if you’re interested.

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