Earn air miles for your daily commute


Previously, we advised on the DBS World Woman’s Mastercard linked to your EZ Link card on an auto-top up arrangement to achieve a 4 miles/S$ reward on your daily commute. However, DBS has updated their T&Cs to exclude EZ Link (Auto top up). Are there any ways around this?

Fortunately, the answer is yes.


Flashpay (auto top up) still earns 4 miles/S$

Nets Flashpay

Yes! I’ve did a tally up of my DBS points recently to learn that DBS World Woman’s Card linked to Flashpay auto top-up still earns maximum rewards. And of course, Flashpay can be used as an EZ Link card.

There will though come a point when this loophole is closed. In the meantime, enjoy while it lasts.

This also means that you can be rewarded for having meals at Flashpay merchants, which includes retail and dining options.

There is another alternative once this loophole is closed.


Any other alternatives? HSBC Advance Platinum rewards 4 miles/S$ on EZ Link transactions

image_hsbc-advance-platinum-card@2x (4)

There are terms and conditions.

1. Reward limited to a monthly spend of S$200. Depending on how frequently you use the public transport system, you may or may not be rewarded for the entire commuting expense.

2. You need to be an HSBC Advance account holder. The main eligibility criteria is that you need to maintain at least S$30,000 in deposits, investments and/or insurance, with 6 months’ grace period to place in your funds. Hence the opportunity cost of locking in S$30,000 in deposits. Last I check the time deposit for a 12-month tenor of S$30k gives a 0.25% interest rate.

Opportunity costs or 24 months grace period

Hence my take that you can enjoy rewards on your daily commute for a 24 month period. Quoting HSBC’s website:

“…fulfil any of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Salary credit of S$3,750 per month, with 24 months grace period from Advance relationship opening to reach Total Relationship Balance of at least S$30,000
  • Reoccurring deposit of at least S$2,500 per month, with 24 months grace period from Advance relationship opening to reach Total Relationship Balance of at least S$30,000


So take advantage of the DBS World Woman’s Mastercard / Nets Flashpay auto top-up arrangement while it’s still available!

15 thoughts on “Earn air miles for your daily commute

      1. I have seen other replies that users did not receive any points on this. May I check your last data point please? I’m just about to enroll but now taken aback due to the uncertainty. Thanks!

        1. As of July, I’m still receiving 4 miles/S$ for flashpay auto top up.
          Confirm “FLASHPAY ATU” gets max rewards.
          FEVO top up with DBS World Woman also getting 4 miles/S$ on a related note.

  1. There is a Safra DBS Card and this is a credit card that also has Nets FlashPay function. Just spoke to the CSO and was told that within this card there are two separate “wallets”. If you swipe it as a credit card, then it will be charged to your statement. But if its in your IU or if you tap is as an Ezlink, then it will deduct from the “Nets flashpay wallet” – i.e. it does not get charged to your credit card statement. So the nets flashpay wallet works the same way as a cashcard or an ezlink – you need to top it up first.

    Which brings me to a weird point – if I were to get this DBS Safra Card, then I’m essentially using one DBS Card (Woman’s WWhichorld MasterCard) to top up into another DBS Card (Safra Card, albeit the “nets wallet” part of this card), but Im still able to earn the 10x rewards points?

    Im essentially using DBS to pay DBS and they will still give me 4miles/$1? Or is it safer to top into a “normal” flashpay card instead of the DBS Safra card?


    1. Wow, I wasn’t aware about this function until you brought it up.
      It’s an interesting point, I actually think that method will earn you the miles, that is if topping up the DBS card with another credit card works. Maybe the CSO can clarify.
      But I certainly get your point, coz a normal flashpay costs $5 and comes with an expiry, while the credit card give you vouchers on sign up and no costs to replace on expiry.

  2. Hi, can i check with you whether do you still entitled to 4miles/dollar for your Aug,Sep,Oct 2016 bill for auto topup into your nets flashpay card?

    1. Hi Tay, I haven’t tallied my points for Oct yet (I admit I’m a little slow there), but for Aug and Sept I’m still getting the full 4 miles/dollar for auto top up on my flashpay card.

      1. Hi Wai,

        Thanks for your prompt reply. Have you tried Flash Pay top up service before? Does it give the same amount of reward as the auto topup service as well?


        1. Ah, you mean from the general ticketing machine at the train stations? I believe they don’t get you any rewards using the DBS World Women MasterCard, but it has been a long time since I’ve tried that.
          Link up the auto top up with your DBSWWMC, the rewards is more likely than not worth the transaction fee.

  3. Hi Wai,
    One last question, have you ever tried to topup your nets card via NFP mobile apps with your DBS Woman World Card?Is this considered online transaction and is 4miles rewarded for using this topup service?

    Thanks once again

    1. Unfortunately I’m using an iPhone, I believe the app you mentioned is available only for Android phones only, so can’t help you on that one..

    1. DBS WWC no longer gives 10x rewards for that.
      Sometime in mid April 2017, they seem to have stopped rewarding the ATU.
      At the same time, the usual method of topping up FEVO cards are also no longer rewarded.

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