Consult the Cow

Consult the Cow

Do you prefer to receive personalized advice instead?

For a small fee, you can Consult the Cow about your strategies on frequent flyer programmes, credit card spending and flight redemption!

If we are unable to provide an advice which improve what you have currently, we will provide you with a refund.

Consult the Cow now!

Travel Planning

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Have a huge stash of points but don’t know to how to get the best value out of them? Love traveling but hate the planning?

You will get:-

  • Assessment of your current points and miles
  • Advice on how to top up points and miles
  • Updates on the availability of the award flights
  • Advice on the best routes and seats
  • Comparison between revenue tickets and award tickets
  • Assessment on whether the use of points is value-for-money

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