Card Cow Miles


Is this you?

Queued up at the cashier and still undecided on which credit card to use?

You’re not the only one. An average Singaporean owns four credit cards and it is impossible to keep track of all the promotions.

Why not let Card Cow Miles do the work for you?

Simply key in the transaction details and you will know the card which gives you the most reward points/frequent flyer miles in no time!

Why do reward points/miles matter?

Because they can be used to fund your next holiday* or your next shopping spree!

However, not all cards are created equal. One gives 10X reward points for dining only while another gives 10X points for online shopping. There is no card which is the best for every transaction.

Hence, Card Cow Miles is here to provide users with the most up-to-date information on using the right cards to reap maximum reward points.

Don’t be surprised with the additional number of points that you gain after using Card Cow Miles.

The difference could mean a trip to Europe instead of Hong Kong!

*Reward points earned from credit card spending can be converted to frequent flyer miles which in turn can be redeemed for flights

Managing your credit cards

Too many cards and payment datelines to keep track?

Card Cow Miles remembers your credit cards and your payment due dates.

Be reminded when your payment is due and you never have to worry about late charges again!

Track your points earned

It’s a hassle going through the different banks’ statements to find out how much rewards points you have. Card Cow Miles put all of them in one screen for you.

Set your goal to your dream holiday. Card Cow Miles will track and tell you how close you are to getting your free ticket!

Discover better cards

What’s more, Card Cow Miles will let you know from time to time if there are better cards than the ones you own.

No need to spend time checking out new cards on the market, Card Cow Miles got it all covered.

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