Bonus (up to) 12k miles for first 1,200 eligible card members

UOB PRVI MasterCard/Visa

For the first 1,200 eligible card members who signed up for the UOB PRVI miles VISA or Mastercard, you stand to gain a bonus of 12k miles (or 5k miles if you’re already a UOB card holder).

Sounds good, but do catch it in good time.

Are the bonus miles attractive enough?

Yes if..

You are able to catch the full 12k bonus miles. With the required spend of $4k, there will be another 5.6k miles, making for 17.6k miles. This is better than 4 miles/S$ spend, which is the best possible earn rate without any promotion.


Assuming that you only qualify for 5k bonus miles, a $4k spend will give you 5.6k miles, making for 10.6k miles. This works out to 2.65 miles/S$. However, if your spend will, in any case, never qualify for a 4 miles/S$ on any credit card, this is still a good deal. Besides, UOB PRVI miles is a good card for basic 1.4 miles/S$ transactions.


Only if you are certain you’ll never make the T&Cs. Which brings us to the next point.


The T&Cs:-

1.  Be the first 1,200 eligible card members. The promo is open from 20 June 2017 to 30 September 2017, and has been on going for a week now. How confident are you of being part of that lucky lot?

2. If you are in that lucky lot, there are still two tiers. Never had a UOB card before, and you’ll be in the group potentially taking back 12k miles, if not it’ll be 5k bonus miles. Read further for more terms and conditions.

3. In the six months before 20 June 2017, have not cancelled any UOB PRVI miles card

4. Successfully enrol for the Promotion by sending Bonus <space> NRIC/Passport number as per bank’s records to 77862 within 60 calendar days from the approval date of the Eligible Card

5. Spends $4k in the first two months of card approval

6. A whole list of excluded transactions are can be found here.

At the end of the day, if you’re thinking of applying, be quick! And don’t forget you have to opt into the bonus miles program!

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