Bonus miles promo ending 30 Sept 2017

Every now and then, banks/credit card will throw in bonus miles to entice new card holders to sign up. The usual suspect AMEX is participating again, but UOB PRVI has decided to join the game as well this time, of course not its catch.

Do you have some $13,000 to spend anytime soon?

Rewards Card

Technically speaking, this is not a promotion. It has always been there, terms unchanged. Judging by the miles/S$ earn rate, it’s the best in the market right now. Just spend S$1,500 in the first 3 months.

But bear in mind that the earn rate after the initial $1,500 is really low at 0.55 miles/S$ spend.

Platinum Reserve

Spend $5,000 within the first 6 months of card approval and get 50,000 membership points, or 27,778 worth of Krisflyer miles (450 points changes for 250 miles).

Promotion on this ends soon on 9 August 2017.

What happens after taking the bonus miles? Unless you’re huge dining fan, it’s unlikely that you’ll use this card that often. This card gives dining offers at American Express Global Dining Program.

Krisflyer Ascend

AMEX Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend

Get 15k miles on the first $6k spend. This is pretty straightforward. You just need to get your card by 30 Sept 2017. AMEX first spend bonus of 5k miles applies only if you’re owning the co-branded card for the first time ever. The Singapore Airlines Krisflyer card is also a co-branded card, so unfortunately, you cannot get 10k miles.

Singapore Airlines Krisflyer

7.5k miles for $2.5k spend made within the first three months. Similarly you have to get the card by 30 Sept 2017.

UOB PRVI Visa/Mastercard

UOB PRVI MasterCard/Visa

This come with a catch that may be hard to fulfil.

1.  Applicable to new applicants for UOB PRVI Miles cards from 20 June 2017 till 30 September 2017.
2. New UOB Cardmembers will get 12k welcome miles. Existing UOB Cardmembers will get 5k welcome miles.
3. Limited to the first 1,200 spenders with successful SMS enrollment and a minimum S$4,000 spend within 60 calendar days from card approved date.
4. Not valid for existing Cardmembers who hold a UOB PRVI Miles Card before 20 June 2017 or cancelled any UOB PRVI Miles Card in the six (6) months prior to 20 June 2017.
5. See full terms and conditions here.

How would you know you’re the first 1,200 spenders? You don’t. But that said, this ain’t such a bad card, so if you have $4k spend to make in 2 months, take your chance.

58k miles for $13.6k spend

Is that a lot of miles. you may ask. Going on the average, it gives 5 miles/S$.

The best earn rate is 4 miles/S$ and on specific spend category. So it’s not all that bad.

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