7% off season parking. Which credit card?

Recently a reader asked if HDB season parking charges were considered online payments using the SCB Singpost card.

Well, obviously the title of the post gives the game away, but yes it does!

It’s knowing about the terms and conditions behind getting the 7% rebate.

1) The key one  – a minimum spend of $600 for the statement month. So all you really need to do is to purchase a few months of season parking in advance.

2) But definitely not too much, as rebates is limited to S$60. So working backwards, the magical number is S$857 of charge.

3) And of course HDB limits your purchase to 12 months.

For me, I need to purchase 9 months ahead ($95 x 9 = $855). The S$60 rebate can be utilised for that month’s card statement.

How many months do you need to buy ahead?
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