480 SGD to Europe? Just do this to unlock more unbelievable prices to Europe, South Africa and USA! [Ends 17 Jan 2016]

You don’t need to sleep on benches, scrimp on food or break the law in Europe anymore!

Because you can fly there and back for as little as 480 SGD!

For those who haven’t heard, Qatar Airways is running its latest promotion until 17 Jan 2016 (travel period between 19 Jan and 15 Dec 2016).

Source: Qatar Airways

While the prices departing Singapore are not too bad, they are not exactly attractive.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 11.27.23 AM
Decent but we can do better

So how do we get the price down to below 500 SGD?

Simply by traveling in group of more than 2 people and flying out of Sri Lanka!

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 11.42.38 AM
That’s 725 SGD for 2 pax or 363 SGD each

Zürich is the cheapest city to fly to in Europe.

Flying to Zürich for the price of going to Shanghai

Prices to some of the more popular European cities from Colombo (and back to Singapore):-

CityPrice for 2 (in SGD)Price for 1 (in SGD)
Paris 969485

And then it gets better. Prices are extremely awesome to Johannesburg and New York City as well.


470 SGD each to South Africa!


590 SGD each to New York!

That’s not all. Business class tickets are even more attractive!


1,300 SGD each to South Africa in BUSINESS CLASS

In comparison, SQ is asking for more than 1,500 SGD in economy class.


Other attractive business-class fares from Colombo:-

CityPrice for 2 (SGD)Price for 1 (SGD)

Wait. How do I get to Sri Lanka?

Unfortunately, there are no cheap direct flights between Singapore and Colombo.

The cheapest way to get there is through Kuala Lumpur with either AirAsia or Malindo.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 11.46.09 AM
146 SGD flight from Singapore to Colombo with Malindo (with 30kg baggage allowance)

AirAsia to CMB
109 SGD flight from Singapore to Colombo with AirAsia (no checked bags)

Sri Lanka is an amazing travel destination on its own and it’s definitely worth spending a few days (or weeks) to explore.

Sigiriya, an UNESCO World Heritage site

Do I really need to go to Colombo?

If you’re heading to New York City in economy class, departing from Kuala Lumpur may be a good alternative.


840 SGD each to New York City

After including the positioning flight to KL (~60 SGD), 900 SGD is still a very attractive price between Singapore and USA.

Summary of Total Cost

DestinationClass of travelStart fromPositioning flight (SGD)Qatar Airways price (SGD)Total (SGD)
Zürich EconomyColombo (CMB)Singapore to Colombo via AirAsia - $110$370$480
Johannesburg EconomyColombo (CMB)Singapore to Colombo via AirAsia - $110$470$580
New York City EconomyColombo (CMB)Singapore to Colombo via AirAsia - $110$590$700
New York CityEconomyKuala Lumpur (KUL)Singapore to Kuala Lumpur via AirAsia - $60$840$900
JohannesburgBusinessColombo (CMB)Singapore to Colombo via AirAsia - $110$1,310$1,420
IstanbulBusinessColombo (CMB)Singapore to Colombo via AirAsia - $110$1,420$1,530
MilanBusinessColombo (CMB)Singapore to Colombo via AirAsia - $110$1,580$1,690

Wow! I’m in. How do I start searching?

Google Flights is probably your best friend here.

Google flights

Play around with the dates and destinations and click through to book with Qatar Airways or online travel agent. There are still many dates available at the above prices with one day remaining in the sale.

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